Taxi Vs. Limousine – Difference #4 – Benefits of On-Demand Taxis

Difference #4 Benefits of On-Demand Taxis

Taxis usually work as part of larger fleets, floating around like bees on a hive so as to always be nearby for that next trip. Taxis are about volume over quality. In most cities, and even in Vancouver, this system yields a great benefit: a specific taxi does not have to drive a great distance to come to you. They are set up for quick hops and short trips. You just grab the taxi cab that is closest, or call to have one dispatched to you from nearby. By floating all day as part of an on-demand fleet, each cab can scoop up many little fares per hour. This make the per-hour income for the cab decent, and the consumer cost often is often lower (but not always!).

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