Taxi Vs. Limousine – Difference #5 – Weaknesses of On-Demand Taxis

Difference #5 Weaknesses of On-Demand Taxis

Taxis are not so much focused on comfort, luxury, equipment, service, or cleanliness, but on banging out lots of trips. Although on-demand taxi fleets are generally efficient and cheap, by definition the high-volume, low-price model demands less than luxurious vehicles, as it cannot “afford” the kind of service and personal attention that a dedicated car service would provide.

Remember that drunk college kid example? Where the taxi had masses of people stumbling in and out all evening—or worse? Is that the same vehicle, and exact same seat, that you want your frail mother to have to sit in tomorrow morning for an hour-long drive to a medical center, or for a morning of shopping and a visit to the beauty parlor? Or that as a business person you want to sit in on the way to the airport while you spread out your laptop and papers? No! You want to work on your laptop in a clean, luxurious environment.

A taxi operator would be crazy to have a luxury vehicle, because it would get torn apart very quickly by the nighttime bar crowds and short-hop on-demand traffic. Operators would also be crazy to hire top-tier drivers who could serve as personal assistants and courteous attendants, because the additional cost would have no value to the bar-hopping college student.

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