Top Seven differences between a taxi, and a limousine

What is the difference between a taxi, and a limousine?

There is a legitimate need and role for both taxis and limousines; but they are quite different—especially here in the Vancouver Area, so it is important to be aware and informed. That way you can get the services you want, at the price point you want. If you are trying to get your mother from Surrey to a complex medical center in Vancouver, you might want one kind of service. If you are a very drunk college student who wants a lift for three blocks to the next bar, with some leeway on demands for reliability and luxury, you might want a very different type of service. Of course there are good reasons that the two services should not be mixed.

The main differences between a taxi and a limousine center on two broad areas: “service” and “equipment”—though we will also highlight important differences between how they are scheduled: “reserved vs. on-demand” modes of operation; and differences in “methods of pricing and charging.”

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