You are out of luck if you are trying to find a different variety of limousines in Vancouver.

Ever wonder why all the limousines in Vancouver are either Ford or Lincoln?


There are no limousine builders in Canada. So all the limousines had to be brought from America. Limo operators would love to bring in different limos here in Vancouver like you find in other parts of Canada but RIV ( Register of Imported Vehicles) only allows certain types of limousines to be imported across the border. Out of those allowed limousines only Lincolns and Fords were safety (crash) tested.

Another BC rule (stupid?)!!

Does that means all the other limos operating in states or other parts of Canada are not safe to operate?  If this would have been the case why would the other provinces put the public at risk by allowing other limos to operate that are not allowed in BC?

Million dollar question:-)